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Serving the Sun City Center, Personal Computer Community since 1983

Welcome to The Computer Club in Sun City Center, Florida!

  With 20,000 residents in Sun City Center,  it’s no wonder our membership boasts an amazing array of computer skills and interests.   These skills are put to work in our fully equipped Computer Classroom and Lab,  and a wide range of classes.
  Members are also kept up-to-date with The Journal,  our award-winning monthly newsletter.  Each issue is filled with industry news,  tips,  tricks and upcoming events.

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  In addition,  we convene Monthly Program meetings,  and support an Open Lab resource center.


  Director of Communications (813) 634-3664
  Lab (during Lab hours) (813) 633-3491

  Mailing Address:

  The Computer Club, Inc.
        1009 N. Pebble Beach Blvd.
        Sun City Center, Florida 33573

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The Club publishes an award-winning monthly newsletter for members and subscribers,   edited by Ilona Merritt.  She gives first preference to articles written by members,   and would like to hear from you.

What do you want to see in the newsletter.   Can you contribute something?   Would SIG group members consider writing an article about their activities?   The articles do not need to be lengthy.

The monthly meeting date is the deadline for the next issue.
Email your articles to   Ilona Merritt

Indexed back issues of our award winning Journal — from Oct. 2003 through Dec. 2013,  including how to use instructions — are available on CDs in the Computer Lab for a nominal fee of $5.00.



New Class


We are constantly adding new classes to our schedule. Click the button below to see the new classes

Sign up in the Computer Lab Monday through Saturday 12:30 to 5:00 PM

Upcoming Class Schedule



  Membership is limited to members of the Sun City Center Community Association and residents of Kings Point.   Others may subscribe to the Club’s newsletter but may not participate in other Club activities.  For further information,  please Email us at   Information


  The dues are $25 per year per family,  due by January.  Those joining after June 30 are assessed only $12.50 for the current year.

  Help Line

  The Help Line volunteer group is published in each issue of The Journal.  If you are interested in volunteering to answer members’ questions,  please contact: Ilona Merritt at   Ilona Merritt

  Lab / Resource Center

  We have a computer lab/resource center located in the Atrium Building on the North SCC Campus.  It is open every afternoon,  except Sunday,  from 12:30 to 5:00pm with a full staff of volunteer computer monitors  (see the Yellow Shirts)  to assist you with any computer problems on a hands-on,   one on - one basis.   This facility is also available at other times for more formal education classes that are scheduled by the Computer Club.   A non-encrypted Wi-Fi Connection is available 24/7 throughout the building.


Computer Club monthly meetings

   Matt is well known for his extensive computer knowledge and you won't want to miss this evening topics. He will share with us: Neat tips for finding things on your computer, Cryptowall Virus, Hiow to send group emails, and more.


  The Club began in 1983, when Len Point had a problem with his computer and could not find ready answers.  He gathered together the few local “experts” at that time,  as sort of a mutual aid society.   Club members took turns offering their homes as sites for the monthly meetings.

  As the PC became more popular,  the Club grew and moved to ever-larger quarters over the years.  In 1988,  it became affiliated with the Sun City Center Community Association. Later it incorporated and was granted 501(c)(3),  by the IRS as a tax-exempt educational organization.

  In 1993,  as the result of solid planning and a fortuitous grant,  a permanent Computer Learning Center was established in the Kings Point Clubhouse.  Subsequently,  it moved to its present location in the SCC Atrium Building.  Annually,  the Club trains hundreds of local residents in various aspects of Personal Computing.   Today,  the Club holds a monthly program meeting in the Florida room at the Atrium building at 7:30 PM on the First Wednesday of each month.

  Today,  the Club membership stands at about 1,000 families from both Sun City Center and Kings Point.  In addition to being one of the largest clubs in Sun City Center,  it is believed to be one of the largest PC User Groups in Florida.  As the PC continues to gain an ever-growing cadre of users,  it is expected that The Computer Club will continue to expand,  as it fulfills its mission of  “Education, Information and Service to the computer community of Sun City Center.”

2014 Officers

Mary Boyes

(813) 205-8025

Matt Batt

(813) 600-5549

Gail Daane

(813) 634-7550

Russ Merritt

(813) 633-3151

Jim Cox

(813) 633-1624

Ilona Merritt

(813) 633-3151

Director of
Jack Fischer

(813) 634-3664

Immediate Past-President
Gary Smith

(813) 480-2752

Appointed Staff

Assistant Treasurer
Jim Cox

Newsletter Editor
Ilona Merritt

Contributing Editor
Jack Fischer


Gary Smith

Bob Dealmeida

Name Tags
Millie McClary

Assistant Webmaster
Matt Batt

Contributing Writer
Phil Sorrentino

Director of

Diane Hall

John & Linda Bowker
Dorothy Porterfield
Judy Quitsch

Supervisors/Lab & Monitors
Russ Merritt
Mary Boyes


Classroom Instructors

Matt Batt Boyd Ghering Bob Hopkins John Husinka
Mark Morris Russ Merritt Sam Montana Bob Wehrle

Open Computer Lab Monitors

Mike Albanese Bob Hopkins Tara Rishter Matt Batt
John Husinka Rod Rodrigues Ted Bohachek Carolyn Hyde
Bob Rose Jim Steiner Jim Key Gene Peterzak
Mary Boyes Fred Kunkel Richard Wiczalkowski Ed Cantrell
Chuck Mather Al Seifert Bob Dealmeida Dotty Carlson
Millie McClary Natalie Schiller Jim Copley John McCue
Gary Smith Jim Cox Jack Messerlian ‘Smitty’ Smith
Gail Daane Russ Merritt John Stohlberg Russ Foti
Sam Montana Dick Tattarelli Mike Friolet Mark Morris
Vera Thompson Bill Geoghegan Charles Morrow Charles VanDyne
Diane Hall Richard Nickeson Bob Wehrle Les Hooley
Marv Petersen Don Nathan Ken Runyan


Contact Information

  1009 N. Pebble Beach Blvd.
  Sun City Center, Florida 33573
(813) 634-3664
(813) 633-3491 (during lab hours)

News Alerts

Join our mailing list and get notified of upcoming classes and other events.

Community involvement ...

Wi-Fi — install and support in the Atrium Building
EQUIPMENT — donated to Community Association Clubs
OUTREACH — as needed or requested we help organizations outside of our community.
i.e. Our members have taught classes at the Mary Martha House — Women’s Prison — Local Churches


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